Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas Meal Hampers!

Last minute shopper??? Don't panic!
We'll set you up with all your Christmas grub with our customised hampers.
Little hampers with all your colourful veggies OR a super hamper equipped with puddings, crackers and cheese, and anything else you need for a special meal.
Let us help make Christmas a little bit more manageable.

Don't forget we also have our beautiful gift hampers too!

Keep warm,

The Bear Elves!


Friday, 7 December 2012

Winter LoVe from The Bear

          Come and visit our Beautiful shop in        


Beautiful jewellery made from seeds and peel

Share with us this beautiful season...of Love

"All seasons are Beautiful to those who carry Happiness within"...... says teddy...x

 We have so many wonderful things to       help you celebrate....

here are a few gift ideas

Fairtrade gifts and the cosiest pair of socks ever to grace your feet!!!

We have Fair trade hearts......

Come and share this Magical season with us.. 

Made To lucky lot!!


Wide range of Scrummy Scrumpy..

Choose from a range of delicious uk and french ciders...  fill your own flagon...

The perfect gift.... We will even tie a ribbon around it...Make it all pretty x

Fair Trade Bird Houses 
Relax Kids cds

Fair trade wines and beautiful  recycled  glasses.......

Dalit candles

       And so many other wonderful treasures to be found  

            BeaR WholefOods 29 Rochdale Rd Todmorden oL147la    01706813737

                      Next weeks VeGGies 

Sprouts are back in town..... yeha!!


brocolli 1.10 250g

leeks 1.10 250g

onions 60p a kilo

cauliflower 1.60 each

apples 1.80 500g

carrots 80p 500g

kale 1.50 as bag

All you need

parsnips £! 500g

potatoes 70p 500g

sprouts 1.50 500g

mushrooms 1.50 250g

EU veg

fennel £1 each

red pepper 1.50 250g

tomatoes 2.25 500g

pumpkin 1.70 500g

clementines 1.15 250g

oranges 1.50 500g
we always try to keep veggies as local and as seasonal as poss..but there are  a few we keep all year round that are not so local or seasonal........

non eu veg

bananas 30p each 

avocado 80p each ***********************

 Beautiful Meadowbottom Horses
                                Thankyou for making my walks so Magical 
Bear LoVe xx

Monday, 3 December 2012

BeaR LoVe


 There are lots of colds & sniffles here in lovely Todmorden town.... 

 Time to call upon ....

                       Garlic Power.......

Garlic is a powerful medicine valued for thousands of years. The Egyptians used its energy giving properties and the Greeks and Romans considered it to be the elixir of youth. Ayurvedic doctors in the 1st century AD in India prescribed Garlic for the heart.
Garlic is a truly wonderful remedy for infections, having antibacterial, antiviral, anti parasitic and anti fungal properties, so a good all-rounder for treating colds and flu and lots of other nasties..... and who cares if some people think its smelly....We Bears lOve it...  its goOd for you.....

Quick and simple and very garlicky houmous:)

 1  tin of Sumas best Chickpeas...  85p

 However many cloves of garlic you would like.... Organic garlic 75p each

 A  splash of  olive oil  a dash of sunita organic lemon juice £1.69 a bottle or fresh if you have any..

sprinkle of cumin powder.. 85p 30g...

pinch of sea salt if required

Blend all the ingredients together.... and yum.. its that simple....

Garlicky Greens:

Lots of Garlic... 5-6 cloves is a good amount 

about a bag 3-4 handfuls of cavolonero or kale £1.50

100gms  roughly chopped almonds 

 drizzle of olive oil

season to taste

Stir fry the garlic until it starts to brown,

stir in the chopped almonds gently toasting.

add the greens and a pinch of sea salt, stir until soft .

add a splash of water and replace the lid allow to steam for a few mins x

 All ingredients available from The lovely Bear... 


This Weeks Uk veg

Groccery delivery service

beetroot.. £1 500g
brocolli.. 1.25 250g
red cabbage.. 1.50 each
cauliflower.. 1.75 eac
red kale.. 1.50 a bag
parsnips.. £1 500g
potatoes.. 80p 500g
cavolonero.. 1.50 a bag
sprouts...  £1 250g
mushrooms.. 1.50 250g
apples.. 1.70 500g
pears.. 1.70 500g

onions.. 80p 500g

carrots.. 80p 500g

EU veg
aubergine.. 1.50 250g
fennel ..£1 each
red pepper.. 1.50 250g
butternut squash.. 1.50 500
tomatoes.. 2.25 500g
sweet potatoes.. 1.50 500g 

garlic 75p each

Non eu 

avocado 90p each
bananas 30p each
turmeric £1 100g

Fresh Turmeric

Turmeric is a perennial herb of the ginger family. The active constituent known as curcumin has been shown to protect against free radical damage to dna. Curcumin reduces inflammation by lowering histamine levels and by increasing production of natural cortisone by the adrenal glands. Turmeric has a long list of traditional medicinal uses and is a favourite among herbalists due to its effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory, used to treat conditions such as arthritis, injury, asthma, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, skin disorders, elevated cholesterol, liver disease and cancer.


                                   WE loved the Valley of lights... 

The wwwwwonderful Handmade Samba Band!!

even the rain came to play yey! xx

Keep Warm and Happy ...        Bear Love x