Sunday, 30 September 2012

This weeks organic fruit and veggies

                        uk/local produce:
carrots..65p 500gm
golden globe beetroots..75p 500gm
celeriac.. 1.00 500gm
leeks..1.50 500gm
turnips..1.00 500gm
cavelanonero..1.80 per ba
mixed squash..1.50. 500gm
 apples..1.40 500gm
green kale..1.00 bag
chestnut mushrooms..1.50 250gm
vine tomatoes..2.30 500gm

fresh herbs £1.00 mixed bunches
salad bags £1.75

EU Produce

garlic..50p each 
pears..1.50 500gm
lemons..60p each
red peppers..1.20 250gm
ginger..1.00 100gm
bananas..33p each
avocado..90p each

Also in our beautiful shop we have fresh
locally grown  flowers £4.00.
Pots of fresh herbs & very bee friendly plants. 
from £1.00

Come and visit us at

 29 Rochdale Rd Todmorden

(opposite The library )

We also have a delicious range of fresh baked                           organic breads delivered daily.

organic breads from£1,95
free range eggs £1.95 
local milk £1.10. 2 pints
local cheeses from 1.75
Yorkshire wines,beers&ciders
local artisan chocolate
local jams & chutneys
and don't forget our own delicious hummus.

pop in it will be lovely to see you, or call/email us with an order for a Monday delivery..

 29 Rochdale Rd Todmorden

(opposite The library )

Beautiful vegetarian eatery upstairs on the first floor

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