Saturday, 26 January 2013

Next weeks veggies 28th Jan

Beetroot..70p 500gm
Purple sprouting broccoli..£1.25 250gm
Savoy cabbage..£1.20 each
Rainbow carrots 70p 500gm
Green kale.. £1.50 bag
Robinta potatoes.. £1.50 250gm
chestnut mushrooms £1.50 250gm
Cauliflower..£1.75 each


Red Chilli peppers..£1.50 250gm
Sweet potatoes..£1.80 500gm
Vine tomatoes..£2.40 500gm
Has advocado 90p each
Butternut squash..£1.50 500gm
 Jerusalem artichoke..£1.50 250gms


Jerusalem artichokes have a distinctive sweet, earthy flavour. They can be added to soups, stews, stir frys or roasted by themselves. There`s no need to peel  them just scrub them clean and chop, slice or grate.

Health benefits
Jerusalem artichokes have historically been used as a dietary supplement for people suffering from diabetes and other pancreatic complaints to reduce blood sugar levels and minimize the need for insulin.
Unlike the potato where its starch breaks down to glucose affecting blood sugar, the Jerusalem Artichoke is high in inulin which only breaks down to fructose in the colon. As a result, they have a very low glycemic index and barely affect blood sugar levels. They are also high in the prebiotic FOS (Fructo Oligo Saccharide) which helps to build good gut flora and to balance yeast in the body and gut. Inulin, the carbohydrate found in Jerusalem artichokes, is counted as a prebiotic because it is not readily digestible. Inulin is different from insulin but perhaps mimics it. Historically, the effects of inulin on humans include the relief of constipation, lowering of blood glucose levels, improvement of calcium absorption, reduction of triglycerides and LDL cholesterol and the inhibition of the growth of various kinds of cancer. 

Jerusalem artichoke Gratin


1 ½ lbs jerusalem artichokes
½ oz butter
½ oz flour
½ pint of milk
4 oz grated cheddar
½ teaspoon dijon or english mustard
salt to taste
lemon juice
breadcrumbs for the topping

Scrub the artichokes. Drop into a pan of salted water to which has been    added a little lemon juice.
Boil gently until just tender. Drain well and turn into a ovenproof dish.
Make the cheese sauce by melting the butter in a pan and adding the flour.  Blend well and let the roux cook for a minute of two over a low flame.
Add the the milk, 3 oz of the grated cheese and mustard along with salt and pepper and stir constantly until the sauce thickens.
Pour the cheese sauce over the artichokes, sprinkle the top with breadcumbs and the other 1 oz of grated cheese.
Brown under a hot grill or the the top part of an hot oven for about 20 minutes Serve piping hot.mmmmMMmmmm Scrummy


celery..£1.75 each
Garlic 75p each
Clementine s..£1.00 250gm

Navel oranges..£1.80 500gm
Non EUGinger.£1.25

HaVe A BeauTiful WeeK Bear LoVe

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