Sunday, 17 February 2013

Beautiful Foods, gifts and remedies

Bear Wholefoods Shop a workers co-operative  

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This Weeks Organic Fruit And Veg

UK veggies

leeks 1.10 250g

savoy cabbage 1.50

 kale 1.50 a bag

carrots £1 500g

parsnips £1.50 500g

cara potatoes £1 a kilo

chestnut mushrooms 1.50 250g

bananas 30p each

moro oranges 1.50

brocolli 1.10 250g

red peppers 1.25 250g

red onions £1.25 250g

vine tomatoes 2.25 500g

butternut squash 1.50 500g

fennel £1 a bulb

hass advocado 80p each

apples 1.75 500g

garlic £1 a bulb 

ginger £1.25 125g
lemons 50p each 

ginger £1.25 125g
lemons 50p each


Bear LoVe xxxxx




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