Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Everything you need for a Natural Spring Clean ..

                       Its Sparkle Time! 

And what better way to Shine than with our  range of Beautiful environmentally  friendly cleaning products... 

Bio D...

Washing up liquid 1lt..£2.39
Toilet Cleaner 1lt..£2.83
Fabric conditioner 1ltr..£2.39
Glass and mirror 1ltr..£3.39

Suma's  own range of natural cleaning products

Earth friendly (we are... parsley plus is one of our favourites x)

Parsley plus 500ml £3.50

Refills of ecoleaf washing up liquid, laundry liquid and fabric conditioner  available , just bring in a bottle.

Washing up liquid 1ltr..£2.25
Laundry liquid 1.5 ltr..£5.75
Fabric conditioner 1.5ltr..£3.75


Make your house and conscience Sparkle......   Bear LoVe x
Spring time teddy

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