Friday, 10 August 2012

Fabulous Remedy of the week



                                      Calendula Officinalis


             The bright and cheerful marigold is a popular garden flower and is abundant at the moment  lots growing in the incredible edible beds, go and have a look... these pictures of marigolds are taken from my lovely little Todmorden garden. 

The Romans used marigolds to bring down fevers and applied the flowers to warts. In medieval times they remedied intestinal problems, liver complaints and insect bites. 

Gerald and Culpeper  recommended them to comfort the heart and lift the spirits, for inflammation of the eyes and 'trembling of the heart' .

Marigolds are astringent and antiseptic ,and taken internally are excellent for enhancing the immune system and treating a wide variety of infections, including flu and herpes viruses, fungal infections such as candida and pelvic and bowel infections. In the digestive system Marigolds relieve irritation, inflammation and diarrhoea, they enhance digestion,and absorption as well as liver function.

Externally,Marigolds are famous as a first aid remedy for cuts and grazes, sores and ulcers, burns and cold sores, to staunch bleeding, reduce infection and speed healing... wow! what an incredible flower..not only a must for every medicine cabinet, but sooo incredibly beautiful too.....

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happy days the Bears

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