Thursday, 23 August 2012


                        Lovely Lavender

                                 lavendula officinalis

Fragrant lavender is abundant at the moment, a much loved traditional garden herb.
lavender water is one of the earliest perfumes, Romans were using lavender to perfume their baths- hense its name lavendula, which comes from lavare 'to wash'.

During the middle ages Lavender was popular as a strewing herb to perfume and sanitise the floors of houses and churches,and hung in linen cupboards to scent and protect clothes from moths.

 Lavender makes a wonderful relaxing remedy for the mind and body. Used externally the essential oil calms anxiety and nervousness and relieves stress related symptoms such as muscle tension, period pains (a must !)  headaches, migraines palpitations and insomnia. It lifts the spirit and dispels depression and restores strengh to those who are feeling a little run down.
Taken internally ( lavender tea) it releases spasm, and colic and relieves wind nausea and indigestion as well as stress related stomach and bowel problems. Taken hot lavender tea relieves fevers and has a detoxifying effect, increasing elimination of toxins through the skin.
 NB avoid in early pregnancy,but great in later stages and lovely in the bath (in a little milk) after birth


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