Friday, 19 October 2012


          Next Weeks Organic Fruit& veggies

22nd Oct
UK veg

Brocolli 1.35 500 g 

tomatoes 2.30 500 g
pippin apples 1.60 500g

Freshly Baked Bread 

concorde pears 1.60 500g
carrots 60p 500g
romanesco cauliflower 1.50 each
red kale 1.20 a bag
small pumpkins 1.50 500g
leeks 1.60 500g
cavalonero 1.20 a bag
kohl rabi 50p 500g
butternut squash 1.50 500g
rainbow chard £2 500g
spring greens 1.40 each
mushrooms 1.50 250g

Delicious Todmorden Cheeses

clementines £2 500g
osteen melon 1.50 each
red peppers 1.35 250g
garlic £1 each

Non EU veg

Bear Love..............x

bananas 33p each

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  1. Just an emergency comment! ...the Mincemeat recipe should also have 750g of soft brown sugar...we told folk to add it to the recipe sheet when we did the Water Street stall...but I noticed it was missing from the recipe above! .....Glad you liked the mincemeat though! ...much love , Helena xxx