Monday, 29 October 2012

Bear Fayres we love em!!

Oooooh we're getting a bit christmassy!!!!

Rhona and Poppy get ready for the crowds

Thankyou to everyone who supported another amazing  
Bear Fayre on Saturday, we had the most beautiful day......... and the sun came too.. we are always so lucky with the weather..  power of the mind... its an amazing thing )

Robert Charles from Equinox KOMBUCHA   samples his amazing immune boosting  100% natural pro-life pro-biotic energy drink.
available from our beautiful Pro-life shop )

Water st was filled with the sambafantastic sound of 
The handmade samba band 
who so kindly played throughout the afternoon and added an incredible energy to the day

It is lovely to see so many amazing musicians in town 

               The shops on water st joined in the fun

Helena making the most delicious chocolate and beetroot mincemeat... recipe at the end of page..


 somebody needs a dance... poor Abby it was a bit chilly out of the sunshine ...!!

Not to worry plenty of Mulled cider waiting for you at
The Bear
and dont forget your raffle tickets...£1 a strip

Prizes to be won ...ooOoh exciting!!



To make 6lbs of mincemeat..
5oogm sultanas 
500g raisins..
500g currants..
500g dried apricots or candied peel..
juice and zest of 2 unwaxed lemons &2 oranges..
150g glace cherries..
2 peeled and finely diced bramley apples..
200g dark chocolate drops..this replaces suet found in other recipes 
2 tbsp honey
3-5 tbsp mixed spice
1/4 bottle brandy..
and not forgetting 750gm soft brown sugar.....(oooops!)


Put all the ingredients into a large bowl, mix thoroughly  cover and leave overnight to soak.
The following day, fill sterilised jars with the mixture, if using cellophane covers, place a waxed disk on the top of the mincemeat before covering before covering with the cellophane cover. If using a screw-cap or glass hinged-lid jar, there is no need of a waxed disk
This mincemeat is best matured for a month, in a cool dark place before using, although it can be used straight away. opened jars will keep for a couple of weeks in the fridge. thanks to Helena for this scrummy recipe

all these ingredients are available from The Bear

 We hope you had a lovely time.... we did

And to finish off an amazing day the most beautiful sunset  pushes through the Bride stones
Bear LoVe x

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 purrrrrrrrrr xxx

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